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Computer Hardware Services

Desktop PC & Laptop

We use our distributor network to source Desktop PC’s & Laptop’s at very competitive prices

We can find your perfect Laptop or Desktop using our large list of Distributors around the UK. We look to beat all prices you would find out on the internet and can also provide a rental option with monthly payments available to suit your budget.


Server Solutions

We use our distributor network to source physical and cloud-based servers at very competitive prices


We have a vast network of suppliers to suit all server configurations. We can install & configure a physical server on-site or offer a hosted solution at very competitive prices. We have over 25 years experience in all server environments including Windows Server, Linux (all flavours) & Apple.
We can also maintain your whole server infrastructure including Active Directory, DHCP, DNS, etc. 

Gaming PC's

We use our distributor network to source high quality components to make bespoke Gaming PC’s

We can build you the perfect gaming PC, which we build from high quality components and make sure you get the best quality gaming PC to your budget.

Our main supplier for cases is NZXT and the other components we use include: Intel Core range, AMD Ryzen range, Gigabyte Motherboards, High Speed DDR4 RAM and the very latest Graphics Cards from NVidia and AMD. 

We can supply Windows 11 Pro/Home fully activated or if you have you own Windows 11 license then we are happy to supply inactivated.

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