Networking Services

We can provide a full network configuration service to your home or business

Networking Services

Networking Services

We can provide a full network configuration service to your home or business

Full Network Services

We offer a full range of network hardware to make sure your busines or home is fully connected. We can provide all types of hardware for any job and can offer you bespoke pricing to match your requirements.Wi-Fi site analysis allows us to detect any blackspots in your network, so we know exactly where to place the access point(s).We only use the best quality hardware including HP for switches & Unify Networks for Wi-Fi.Please contact us to see if we can help you get your home or business fully connected.


We can install and supply all networking hardware from Switches to Wi-Fi access points including a full site survey to make sure we supply the correct equipment for your setup

All of your network hardware needs

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Network Cabling

We offer bespoke cabling solutions for category 6 and above cabling and full Audio Visual for business or home.

Bespoke Cabling Solutions

We specialize in installing the very latest standards of cabling in your business or home. The first job for us is to understand your requirements in full, so a full site survey is included at not cost to you or your business takes place at a suitable time. Once the survey is complete, we can offer you various solutions to make sure we achieve all of your goals.All of our engineers are fully trained and make sure everything is done to a professional level, which in most cases means you won’t see the cabling once it is complete.

Ethernet Standards

Audio Visual

We use the highest quality HDMI Matrix hardware with high standard HDMI cables to create the perfect picture/audio in your Home or Business.

We can combine this with full ethernet to provide the best experience with no lag or blackspots.