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Website Services

Website Design

We can build bespoke websites to fit your business needs from a standard brochure site to a Full E-Commerce site

Website Design Solutions

Website Design

We build and launch around 30 new websites each year. We offer website design and development services to suit the following requirements:

Websites for startups

A good website forms an important part of the business plan for any new business.  We will offer consultation services to help you scope out your ideas and develop impressive technical specifications – a crucial step in securing funding and attracting partners and investors.  We will develop a roadmap that will see you through from concept to launch and beyond.

New websites for existing businesses

If you have decided it’s time your business launched a website, either to promote your services, or sell products online, we will design, code and launch visually and technically impressive sites that suit any small to medium size business.  If you have your own designers, copywriters, photographers, or even developers, we can put together the right services to complement your team.  Or, if you would like us to handle everything, we can provide total end-to-end solutions.

Relaunching your existing site

If it’s time your website had a refresh, or if you are expanding your business to offer new services, we can take you through the process of editing your existing site, or giving it a full redesign.  We will ensure all your links are properly redirected and that you maintain your hard earned SEO rankings.  We will carefully review your existing site to which areas are performing well, and which need improvement.

We are WordPress specialists

We have launched dozens of WordPress websites and have vast experience in getting the most out of the world’s most popular platform.  We have extensive knowledge of which themes and plugins will work for each project, and our library of resources and licensees allows us to offer you the best value across most of WordPress’ premium features and upgrades.

Hosting, Support & Maintenance

We can provide everything you need to keep your website running smoothly and securely

Complete Website Hosting Solutions

We can provide everything you need to keep your website running smoothly and securely.

Constantly evolving technology and increasingly sophisticated threats mean your website is always a work in progress. It is critical you maintain your server, website, and 3rd party systems to ensure you are getting the best in performance and security.

We offer a fully managed service that takes away these concerns from the day to day running of your business. We look after all technical aspects of your hosting and website. Your level of involvement can be tailored to suit you. Whether you would like regular updates about technical issues and improvements, or if you would just like to leave it all to us, we can agree a solution that fits.

Our service typically includes:

  • A site review to choose a suitable hosting plan
  • Migration of your site to new hosting
  • Namerserver and DNS changes
  • Migration of emails (if required)
  • Domain management
  • All server side updates (PHP versions, database upgrades)
  • Core and plugin updates (WordPress)
  • Monitoring of server usage
  • Monitoring of security threats
  • Installation of 3rd party code and scripts
  • Installation and monitoring of Google Analytics
  • Installation and monitoring of Google Search Console
  • Regular site health checks
  • Regular performance and benchmarking tests
  • Small website changes such as new images, text, buttons and forms
  • Liaising with technical contacts and other relevant 3rd parties
  • Technical SEO such as creation and submission of sitemaps

If we are also building your website, we will discuss this with you during the build. If you have an existing website and would like to talk to us about a Hosting, Support & Maintenance package, please contact us.

SEO Services

We offer a broad range of SEO Services including on-site optimisation, Google Adwords, Facebook Adverts

SEO Solutions


We can optimise your website to get you the best possible search rankings. We use various techniques to make sure your customers can find your site and give you the edge over your competitors.

Paid Advertising 

We use Google Local, Pay Per Click, Social Media, article writing, link building, and many other methods to make sure you are seen in Google

Detailed Reports using Google Analytics

We can send out regular reports showing exactly how your advertising spend is performing. A detailed dashboard is available, which will show your live KPI’s measured against the targets we set.

Tailored Solutions  

All site are different and every business has a different approach to advertising, so we can help guide you through the whole process and develop a soution that fits your business requirements, which makes sure you get the best solution for your money. 

Copywriting services

We offer professional copywriting services across a range of marketing channels to make sure you get the best performance for your company.

Why is professional copywriting important?

Well worded content across all of your marketing channels, whether it’s copy for your website or for email and social media marketing, is vitally important in order to make your company stand out and be found. It is the difference between losing customers and making sales.

Here at EJL Origin IT Services we make sure that we get to know the services you are offering and the audience you are trying to reach, to tailor your content to your customers needs in your tone of voice.

If you’re looking for a website copywriting service, give us a call or email us today, We’d love to have a chat and answer any questions you might have.

Website copywriting

In order for your website to rank highly on Google and be found, you need content that takes into consideration not only what you are trying to say, but also the following important factors:
  • SEO (search engine optimized) best practices
  • Keyword inclusion
  • Using your company’s tone of voice
  • Consistent tone across your website
  • Business goal focused content
Customers online have short attention spans and do not want to be scrolling through long paragraphs of copy, that is why it is so important to make the most of the copy you do have. We make sure to use punchy, straightforward language that your customers understand.

Email Marketing copy

Email marketing is a great cost effective way of contacting and engaging with your customers right to (usually) their mobile phone. This is why it is so important that the copy you send them is targeted, to the point and stands out.What makes great email marketing copy?We can write engaging email marketing copy making sure to include the following vitally important aspects:
  • Relevant and interesting subject lines to catch attention
  • Strong call to actions
  • Engaging content that is concise and to the point keeping in mind your goal or KPI

Social Media Copywriting

Social media has become one of the most important ways to keep in touch with customers. Your social media channels can be “the shop window” so it is important that they are kept up to date with timely, relevant posts.Writing high-quality social media posts can be time consuming; along with knowing what type of copy and content works best on each platform there is a lot to consider to make your social channels work for you. EJL Origin IT Services can help you with this by providing you with tailored social media posts whether that is for a specific campaign or long term.

Leaflets, Brochures and Direct Mail

In a world full of websites, emails and social media, sometimes a leaflet, brochure or letter through the post gets the cut through that other channels can’t.We make sure that we use stand out headlines to grab customers attention, exciting copy and a strong call to action. Sometimes you just can’t beat marketing through someone’s front door.